I'm King Kariis Vara -
“The Great Father King”

Unique in Empyrnea are the floating plateaus of Vara. Massive rock formations that hover above the ocean. And just as unique, are the people of Vara, bound to the focus of Aria, the form of energy responsible for creation.

Varan culture revolves around a central religious governing body called the Church of the Eastern Wnd. Known as the most religious people in Empyrnea, Varans belief in a single creator god dates back before Empyrnea’s ascension. They believe the wind is the creators voice and Apsu is his son made flesh. Kariis Vara led the church before Apsu’s arrival and has led the kingdom ever since.

The people of Vara are master craftsman and artists who celebrate life in every measure. Their culture revolves around creating the most pure and perfect expressions possible. They produce music, paintings, sculpture and written verse unlike any others in all of Empyrnea. Their floating islands are adorned with many great stone structures, that are as much works of art than marvels of engineering.

It is said by people throughout Empyrnea that for every Varan, there is a library, amphitheater or museum among their kingdom. Varans are known as a peaceful, open, optimistic people welcoming visitors and giving aid freely to any who accept. They’re also known for their great balloon floating ships which they use to travel to and from Vara. The ships were created jointly with inventors and engineers from Kynazarr and as such Kynazarr is the only other kingdom to possess such ships (although Kynazarr has a mere fraction of the airships Vara possess).

A massive hundred and twenty foot tall statue of King Vara stands at the entrance to their capital city KESH. Inscribed at it’s base is the Church’s first law: “Truth is found within, when sought together.” It is the King’s fundamental belief that only by finding inner peace and completely purifying ones thoughts can a pure expression be manifested, and that through such introspection salvation can be found.

Kariis Vara rose to kingly status shortly after Apsu gifted him the bloodstone over ten centuries ago. Since that time, Kariis has had many wives and fathered many children. His current queen and children are referred to with the preceding title “first”. Many of Kariis Vara’s direct descendants hold high positions in the Church of the East Wind and other positions of power in the kingdom. To all those of his lineage, Kariis Vara is known and referred to as Great Father.

Unique to the four Empyrnean kings, Kariis Vara has fully mastered his focus. He is so strongly bound to Aria he can levitate freely and perform a host of telekinetic abilities.

Illustration by Dylan Pierpont. Written by Nick Macari. Story concepts by Jason Allen and Nick Macari.

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Artwork © 2014 Dylan Pierpont.
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